Architectural Review Committee

Newburg Village Homeowners Association is granted the authority and the responsibility to maintain architectural control over the common elements and exterior appearance of the homes in Newburg Village subdivision by the CC&Rs and by the Bylaws of the Association. The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and the related architectural review process have been established for the benefit of all residents to preserve and enhance property values in Newburg Village through neighborhood cooperation. The ARC’s intent is to find a balance between what is beneficial for the entire subdivision while honoring the individual taste and creativity of each homeowner.

The types of improvements that must be submitted to the ARC for review include any additions or remodeling to the exterior of your home; any major landscaping work, including all patios and decks; all manmade structures including, but not limited to, gazebos, structural play sets, and retaining walls; and all large plantings and berms. It is not the intent or interest of the ARC to require approval for planting of all small flowers and shrubs or minor landscaping changes or repairs. 

Projects for approval can be submitted to any ARC member, or directly to the NVHA Board. Every effort will be made to provide timely responses, and to minimize delays of projects. Response time will generally be in accordance with the CC&R paragraph 4.d. If the ARC requests additional information or clarifications, the time shall restart when that information is provided by the applicant.

The Architectural Review Application and Instructions can be found on the Documents page.