Garbage & Recycling

Because Newburg Village is located within the village limits of Cherry Valley, garbage service is handled through the Village and is provided by Rock River Disposal Services. Residential garbage collection is on Tuesday. Residents are provided with on 50-gallon wheeled garbage bin (brown) and one 50-gallon wheeled recycling bin (brown with yellow lid).

There is unlimited collection of recyclables, picked up each week on Tuesdays. Allowable recycled items include

  • envelopes, 
  • junk mail, 
  • magazines, 
  • newspaper & inserts; 
  • hard cover books; 
  • phone books & catalogs; 
  • grocery bags; 
  • corrugated cardboard (in sections of 3 foot by 3 foot or smaller); 
  • cereal boxes (with liner removed); 
  • clear, brown & green glass bottles & jars; 
  • plastic containers marked with the symbol #1 thru #7 (please make sure they are clean!); and 
  • aluminum, steel and bi-metal cans. 

All glass, plastic, and cans may be mixed loose in bins, or separated in paper bags and placed in the bin.

Lawn waste is also picked up from April through November and should be placed either in paper lawn bags (available at most home improvement, grocery, and hardware stores) or in a garbage container permanently marked with an "X" to indicate lawn waste.