Streeter Memorial Bench

A memorial bench has been placed by the first tee box to commemorate Bob and Mary Streeter, the couple who had a vision for a golf course community in Cherry Valley, and who developed Newburg Village Golf Club and the Newburg Village neighborhood. The 6-foot bench carries the inscription: In Memory of Bob and Mary Streeter, Developed NVGC and Played the First Round NOV 9, 2002.

There were numerous individuals who contributed money and time to the memorial. Sue Esser helped raise contributions from participants at the annual NVGC Turkey Shoot Out tournament in October 2015. Matt Corcoran, manager at the NVGC clubhouse, was instrumental in raising contributions through a NVGC Streeter Memorial charity day in June 2016, as well as continuing with cash collections for the fund through July.

We also want to recognize the following neighbors who helped with the bench installation: Bill Lawson, who designed, supervised, and worked many hours from start to finish. Dean Norem, who provided the truck to haul the materials as well as loading, unloading, and helping with mixing the foundation. Bert Gyllin, who helped lay the stepping stones for the bench foundation and the walk way to the score card box attached to the starter clock structure, as well as planting the bushes behind the bench. Don Roberts, who helped throughout the several days that it took to complete the project. Thanks also to Don Busch for his personal contribution, as well as the assistance from his staff, especially Matt at the clubhouse, and Jose on the course, for assistance with the finishing touches around the area of the bench. And finally, a special thanks to Joe Pate for all of his efforts to raise money, purchase the bench, and organize the installation.