Overview of General Restrictions

Newburg Village is a deed-restricted residential golf course community. Deed restrictions are legally binding covenants, often referred to as Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), and are filed with real property records. Being a deed-restricted community means that there are certain rules and restrictions that all homeowners agree to abide by at the time they purchase their home. Generally, the regulations are common-sense rules designed to enhance and protect the value, attractiveness and desirability of the subdivision. These deed restrictions also determine what may or may not be done regarding most improvements to homes and lots in the subdivision.

The Association, acting through its board of directors, controls the appearance of the neighborhood by taking deed restrictions seriously and by vigorously enforcing any significant infraction of those restrictions. In addition to specifications on the size and construction materials allowed for houses in Newburg Village, the CC&Rs contain a number of general restrictions, including:

  • No above-ground swimming pools shall be erected or maintained on any lot.

  • No satellite dish exceeding 39 inches, antenna, or similar device shall be erected or maintained on any lot.

  • No building shall be erected or maintained on any lot unless it is a dwelling house designed and equipped for occupancy as a private residence by a single family only. No out-buildings or storage sheds are allowed.

  • No trucks, trailers, mobile homes, campers, vans, snowmobiles, recreational vehicles, boat, inoperable vehicles, unlicensed vehicles or horse carriers, or similar vehicles and accessories may be kept on any lot unless they are fully enclosed within the garage located on said lot.

  • No automobile or other motor vehicle shall be parked or placed on any portion of a lot other than a driveway or within a garage located on such lot.

  • No fences shall be erected or maintained until or unless plans and specifications have been submitted and approved in writing by the NVHA Architectural Review Committee. See the full Rules and Regulations on Fences posted below for a detailed explanation of our fence rules.

  • Any lot adjacent to a golf course fairway may landscape that portion of the lot adjacent to a fairway, but plans for the landscaping must be approved in advance by the NVHA Architectural Review Committee. Care must be exercised in the design of any landscaping along a fairway to insure that the landscaping, once mature, will not encroach on the golf course.

  • No netting, screening material, or other artificial barriers shall be erected on any lot, whether adjacent to the golf course or any other area of the Subdivision.
For a complete list of restrictions, please review the CC&Rs and the Rules and Regulations, which can be found under Documents.